Countryside Project

Our activities have been complimented by improvements to woodland paths and tracks. This is a continuing project and work to improve access has created a safer and more rewarding environment for participants of all ages. Therapeutic riding sessions are enriched by time spent amongst the trees, enjoying the countryside can be particularly beneficial for vulnerable participants.

 Feedback from a parent


“My son has a diagnosis of Severe Autism and Severe Learning Disability. He attends the project twice a week and his real love is riding through the woods, he just comes alive, in as much as he is nonstop vocalising (he has no speech), I call it his singing with the birds. More recently after he has finished his horse riding he has been taking an interest in the environment around him, making eye contact with helpers and sometimes reaching out to touch the horse, this is such a breakthrough”

Paths and tracks are used for riding sessions enabling riders to ‘go on a journey,’ ride on grass, through woodland, across undulating land all the time in safety away from traffic. The woodland area has added value as a venue for community events such the Big Family Picnic and junior camps